Investment Opportunity

Market Trends

Surging Investments

Over €2 billion invested through 7,000+ Golden Visas by 2020.

Rising Property Value

Real estate market thriving, with a 8-10% annual property value increase.

Regional Growth

Athens and islands like Crete showing robust price appreciations.

Greek Golden Visa Program

Swift & Simple

Obtain residency in 30-60 days with the expedited process of the Golden Visa program.

Family Friendly

Extend residency benefits to your entire family, including your mother-in- law and divorced children, creating new opportunities for everyone.

European Access

Travel freely within the EU and Schengen area, a boon for business and leisure alike.

What is Schengen?

1. Borderless Travel

Enjoy free movement within the 26 Schengen countries with Greece's Golden Visa.

2. Gateway to Europe

Greek Golden Visa holders can explore the EU without needing a visa for entry.

Rental Income



Greek Isles
Luxury Villa

Weekly Income


High-Season Income



Athens Modern

Weekly Income


High-Season Income




Weekly Income


High-Season Income


Golden Visa Processing Timeline

  • 1. Week 1

    Select your investment path.

  • 2. Week 2-5

    Complete property investment and application submission.

  • 3. Week 6-15

    Processing time: 60 to 90 days.

  • 4. Year 7

    Eligibility for Greek citizenship opens up.